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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Vinyl vs. Digital DJ Debate

A while back, in July 2013 actually, I announced on my Facebook Fan Page that I would be making a statement about the evolution of DJs over the years, and more so about the different formats that we DJs have embraced. I did try and put together a post a few times with pictures etc. but it never felt right. I knew that my point would be made but at the same time I didn’t want ravers and fans to think that I was just trying to promote myself as No.1 straight after the Moondance awards. The whole debate is getting a little tiring, even boring some will say, but I just want to write briefly on this subject for my first ever Blog. For the ones who are sick of this subject I promise this will be the last mention of it lol.

So… my thoughts were that, the whole ‘vinyl – digital’ debate is as huge as ever and being an original vinyl DJ myself any mention of Traktor on my pages and there’s always at least a handful (sometimes a bucket full) of Old Skool vinyl enthusiasts who go wild and get infuriated with us digital DJs that have had to move with the times to keep our businesses running and more importantly our creativity flowing. I even get DJs moaning at me for now playing CD. Blimey I started playing CDs in 2003 and stopped all that in early 2011. CDs are out of date… we use USB now… yes a tiny little short stick that weighs a few grams that you can put on your key ring. Now now Matthew… let’s not try and aggravate the situation even more lol. Do these vinyl buffs realise that evolution has to take place. As human beings we are designed to move forward, to progress, to push the boundaries, to better ourselves and our surroundings… My God, we don’t suffer walking 3 miles to go to the shop when we’re in a hurry when we can jump in our motors, and we certainly don’t keep our old black and white TV serviced if we can now watch a nice 50” colour plasma.

My point is: I have been playing vinyl since I was 18 months old. I won 3 best DJ awards around the UK in 1996 as a vinyl DJ. Then… I won the best Old Skool Hardcore DJ Award as a CDJ DJ in 2006/10/11… and then this year 2013 I won the Best Old Skool DJ Award as a Traktor DJ. I am not saying this to brag, not for one second. I am purely saying it as it must prove a point that it’s not about the format, it’s about the DJ and what comes out of the speakers. To add to this, the top 3 runner up Old Skool DJs this year at the EHM Awards were Uncle Dugs (vinyl DJ), Ratpack (CDJ DJ), and Daniel Bunter (Traktor DJ). That’s all the 3 main formats from over the years since Dance Music began!

I could go on for ages but I’m not going to – and please don’t think I'm ranting as to be honest I find the whole debate quite amusing really. Hopefully my point of view has been made and anyone who wants to pipe up in future will be immediately re-directed to this haha, my 1st Blog.

However, I really hope you enjoyed my views there and I would like you to know that I am currently working on an on-line DJ course called ‘Learn To Mix’. The course will be for beginner’s right through to experienced mixers who want to know the best tips without having to waste months or even years with trial and error. It will be very inexpensive, in fact it will save you a lot of wasted time and frustration with a simple program of amazing tutorial videos teaching you how to mix using ALL formats from vinyl right through to the latest controller techniques as well as programming your sets, mega mixing, simple mastering, promotion, social media tips, interviews and demos with other skilled and established famous DJs, top insights from industry leaders, and even some personal development to make sure your thinking is straight before you need to deal with promoters, agents and the big wide world of the clubbing industry.


  1. Well said matt, you've done well with your career and I follow it closely as known u since senior schoo and how serious u were about ur music, so proud when you released on a ragga tip as sl2, , tell everyone"i know him"! Lol xx

  2. It's all about evolution. If we didn't evolve we would still be at the bottom of a muddy puddle and no one wants to be there lol .

  3. Each format has its place. Personally whenever I play an oldschool set I usually go 100% vinyl just for the pure enjoyment of it. But I don't travel the world playing oldschool sets. It's not so hard taking a crate of records for a 20 minute drive.
    Most other gigs I use CDJs with a USB and rekordbox. One thing I don't do is bag someone else or claim they're not a real DJ because of what format they use.

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